Can you cut my can or saw?


Do you use stencils or computers?

No. I draw every piece by hand. I use a hand held plasma cutter to cut each piece.

Can I use candles to light my can?

I do not recommend this. Most of the cans I cut are authentic fuel cans. I do a thorough cleaning and technically cut them with fire but let’s just be on the safe side and use battery operated lights or plug in ones.

Can the pieces be in the weather?

Galvanized items should be fine in the weather although where I have cut them could rust quicker than the rest of the can. Milk cans will rust. If you would like to put your item outside and do not want it to rust i recommend applying a coat of clear rustoleum or other protectant. Saws will rust almost immediately after getting wet.

How do you recommend displaying the saws and/or shovels?

I like to hang them on the wall. This is easily done with the saws by using nails on either side of the saw. Large saws and shovels may require finding a stud to secure the item.

Do the stained glass wheels spin?

Usually. I add fins to help catch the wind. I also add weights to try to balance the wheel. How well they spin depends on the state of the guts of the wheel.


I am a multidisciplinary artist based out of Stokesdale, NC, specializing in hand-held plasma cutting of saws and cans. I also dabble in stained glass and hand-thrown pottery mugs. Who knows what else I will add to my repertoire.

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